Environmental Poetry

Speechless Nature is speechless But not forgetful She has not forgotten what we have done for her She has not forgotten what we have done to her   We should still be in an age of wilderness Where bees are not nearing extinction Where skylines are filled with trees But instead we have entered an … Continue reading Environmental Poetry


Environmental Philosophy

While I am not an environmental science major, I am concerned with the state of the environment and want to do everything I can to not defile it any more than my existence already does. But I think I rest more with Dillard and Muir, where I respect and appreciate and want to observe and … Continue reading Environmental Philosophy

What Summer Conceals, Winter Reveals

Dillard uses many literary elements in her writing, most notably alliteration, personification, metaphor, repetition, anecdotes, and simile. She uses these oftentimes to make nature seem mystical and worth looking into. She’s very much about exploring: exploring the area, exploring space, exploring new ideas and thoughts, and exploring the whole natural world down to tiny organisms … Continue reading What Summer Conceals, Winter Reveals